Repurposing Secondhand Windows

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Creating a unique photo frame or a distinct piece of artwork using secondhand windows can be an environmentally-friendly alternative to buying new.

repurposing secondhand windows

Photo Source:

secondhand windows being used for other purposes

Photo: Heather Anderson

By repurposing secondhand windows you can really personalise your own space.

There are many other creative uses for recycled windows including blackboards, table display cases and greenhouses.

Those who are ambitious have gone as far as to create entire buildings or walls using recycled windows – not only have they succeeded in building a unique home, they have saved on the cost of building materials.

using recycled windows for house walls

Photo: Nick Olson

using secondhand windows for coffee table top

Photo source: Oh Glory Vintage, etsy

using secondhand windows for blackboards


using secondhand windows for displays

Photo source: Cheerios and Lattes

Feeling creative but don’t know where to start?

Visit our demolition yard at Brendale on the northside of Brisbane.  We have an abundance of windows ranging in shape, colour and size with new stock arriving daily!

abundance of second hand recycled doors at brendale yard

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