Redesigning your Kitchen? Why not use a second hand kitchen?

Date: 03.10.2016 | admin | Uncategorized

Are you renovating and need to update your kitchen? Have you ever considered sourcing a second hand kitchen as a replacement? Or using recycled building materials and furniture to create your own unique kitchen?

Second-hand kitchens

second hand kitchen brisbane supplied by caylamax recycling for kitchen renovation

Pictured Above: Renovated kitchen, appliances and chopping board were purchased from Caylamax Recycling.

Kitchens received into our recycling yard are perfect for home renovations! We salvage a varied range of second hand kitchens from our demolition projects.

Houses are demolished for many reasons, not just due to the fact that they are old. Their demolition often makes way for new developments, and in these cases, the recycled kitchens are near new.

Our demolition yard regularly receives second hand kitchens. By visiting our yard, you may find your perfect kitchen at an affordable price!

second hand kitchen brisbane

Pictured Above: Kitchens sold from our yard vary from retro to modern, and anything in between!

Recycled kitchens

Want something a little more unique? Why not upcycle old furniture and building materials to create a one-off kitchen.

Updating kitchen cabinets and fittings, and replacing kitchen counter tops can create a whole new feel to a kitchen.

We have a wide-range of recycled timber and second hand building materials in our demolition yard. Call in to see what we have available and add your own distinctive style to your new kitchen!

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