Seconds Plywood at Sale Prices!

Date: 03.10.2016 | admin | Uncategorized

abundant supply of plywood seconds available from caylamax recycling demolition yard



Our demolition yard Brisbane is abundant with seconds plywood sheets! We have just received a fresh supply into our yard – now is the time to call us for plywood sheets at sale prices!

What can I use my Plywood for?

Plywood is so versatile and is sought after for sheds and cladding. Our customers also chase plywood for wall panelling, shelving, flooring, furniture, panels in concrete form work systems, signs, fences, container flooring, bracing and cubby houses.

What sizes do you have available?

We regularly receive plywood with the following dimensions:  15mm thick, 1.2m wide, 2.2m long.

Where is your demolition yard Brisbane?

Located on the north side of Brisbane, our salvage yard is located at 83 Kremzow Road, Brendale. If you would like us to put some sheets on hold for you please contact our friendly staff on 07 3481 5800.

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